Wife of Illegally Detained Falun Gong Practitioner Seeks Urgent Help from Lawyer

December 6, 2006
By Li Xin/Epoch Times Singapore Staff
Mrs. Ng Chye Huey and Mr. Erh Boon Tiong display a banner outside the courthouse. (The Epoch Times)

Ms. Huay and Mr. Tiong were jailed on the evening of November 30, and will serve terms of 15 days and 10 days respectively. Sally, the wife of Erh Boon Tiong visited him the next day at the Queenstown Remand Prison and was told that Erh was served different food from other prisoners. There was a number marked on his food box. Erh’s wife has been extremely worried about his health as she was unable to get a definite answer from the prison. She urgently engaged a lawyer for help.


Regarding the food box incident, Sally had asked the prison staff twice about the numbered food box, and also about her husband’s health condition. She has not been given a definite answer.


When being interviewed by the reporter, Sally said, “Last weekend I went to the prison, but the prison was not open for visits on weekend, I had to wait until this week. Yesterday (Monday), I rushed to the prison in the first time, asking for the outcome of the incident of the numbered food box. The prison staff did not explain the reason to me, but they promised that there has been nothing marked on the food box since that evening (Last Friday).”


Sally wants to know her husband’s health condition. The prison staff replied that if he (Erh Boon Tiong) has a health problem, the prison doctor will take care of him. The prison staff said, “You will know when he is released.” Sally immediately rebuked, “No, it may be too late already. The prison doctor might only take care of him while he is in the prison, however, after being released, if his health still has some problem, who will take responsibility? Am I the one who is supposed to send him to hospital?”


Sally also revealed that one of her friends told her that Singapore Opposition Party leader Chee Soon Juan, who was serving his term at the same prison with Erh for “public speaking without a permit,” has been hospitalized since last Sunday. His symptoms are dehydration, bloody urine, and extremely low blood pressure, and other symptoms. Chee Soon Juan claimed that the food provided by the prison caused him to be dizzy, nauseous and caused him to vomit. If he did not take the food, the dizziness and nausea would be reduced, therefore, he refused to continue taking food given by the prison.


Sally said that because she was unable to get an explanation from prison and unable to know her husband’s health condition, she has hastily engaged a lawyer to handle this issue. She said, “I do not want any delays. No matter how much money I have to pay for the lawyer’s fee, I have to do so. I need to know my husband’s situation as soon as possible. I hope he will be safe and sound, and be firm while going through this tribulation.”


It was reported that another accused Falun Gong practitioner Ng Chye Huay is currently detained at Singapore Women’s Changi Prison. None of her relatives and friends knows about her current situation.