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Q&A with SWOOP FILMS Producer/Director Kay Rubacek

If you’ve seen the documentary “Hard to Believe,” then you’re familiar with the work of SWOOP FILMS.... Read Full Story

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Brussels-Based NGO Wins 2024 Friends of Falun Gong Human Rights Award

The 2024 Friends of Falun Gong Human Rights award was awarded to Thierry Valle, President of the Coordination of Associations and Individuals for Freedom... Read Full Story

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FoFG Joins #NotFromChina Campaign

Friends of Falun Gong has become a sponsor for the #NotFromChina pledge, initiated by End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC). In light of the... Read Full Story

The Chinese Communist Party Thrives on Our Apathy

The following speech was given by Friends of Falun Gong Executive Director Alan Adler on on the occasion of the April 25th anniversary in... Read Full Story

Honoring the Victims of Communism

Here at FoFG, we work to support the freedom of belief of Falun Gong practitioners, the largest persecuted group in China. Once a year... Read Full Story

Friends of Falun Gong

Friends of Falun Gong is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization founded in the year 2000 by concerned Americans. Our mission is to support the freedom of belief of persons who practice Falun Gong.

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The Classroom as a Tool of Repression in Communist China

When we speak of religious persecution in China, you might think of the medieval forms of torture... Read Full Story

How Falun Dafa Is Blossoming in Vietnam

On any given day in the parks of Vietnam’s biggest cities—and even smaller cities—you’ll find groups of... Read Full Story

China’s Dark Disease: How the Communist Party Hijacked the Healthcare System for Power

This month, in honor of World Health Day, we are telling the story of Falun Gong through... Read Full Story

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Meet Stephane: Bringing Wild Plants to Haute Cuisine

Stephane Meyer, known as the "Druid of Paris," translates his respect of nature to ingredients for the... Read Full Story

An International Student Recalls China’s Education Machine

Ryan is currently working in exports and living in Los Angeles. This is his story. I am... Read Full Story

A Falun Gong Family’s Daring Escape From China

Photo caption: Minghui Wang (center) with her parents at a candlelight vigil commemorating Falun Dafa’s 20 years of... Read Full Story

Voices of Support

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Gao Zhisheng: 2022 FoFG Human Rights Award Honoree

Gao Zhisheng is one of the most outspoken attorneys in China. In a legal system designed to... Read Full Story

Sev Ozdowski: 2021 FoFG Human Rights Award Honoree

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Texas Senate Passes Resolution to Curb China’s Forced Organ Harvesting

On April 23, 2021, Texas Senate lawmakers unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the Chinese regime’s “vile practice of forcibly... Read Full Story