Falun Gong protesters on Parliament Hill

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1310 News staff Jan 31, 2012 13:46:51 PM

OTTAWA–As many as 500 protesters gathered on Parliament Hill, in an effort to get the prime minister to put pressure on the Chinese government to end human rights abuses in that country.

The protesters practised Falun Gong on the front lawn to protest the persecution people face in China.

One of the protesters, Grace Wollensak, tells 1310News the activities they’re doing on the hill would get them persecuted in China

“By doing that in China, they got arrested, imprisoned, tortured, and killed.  We have over 3400 death cases confirmed.  We have their names and details, etc.,” she said.

The prime minister heads to China in just over a week.  Demonstrators hope he will address the issue with Chinese officials.

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