Horrifying New Details In The Bo Xilai Scandal

Business Insider 
By Adam Taylor, April 20, 2012

[Note from FOFG editor: We just found this article.  According to reports from The Epoch TimesBo Xilai and Wang Lijun appear to be central figures behind forced-organ harvesting in China’s military hospitals.  Falun Gong practitioners have been particularly targeted for forced harvesting.]

Bo Xilai (Feng Li / Getty Images)

Some incredible reports from Chongqing this morning.

Malcolm Moore of the Telegraph speaks to a source who tells him that the city’s top Communist officials were called to a meeting on April 10. There, with no phones or note-taking allowed, and they were read a document that stated that Bo Xilai had used brutal methods in a bid to end the investigation into his wife, Gu Kailai, and the death of British businessman Neil Heywood.

While Bo was unable to stop the local police chief, Wang Lijun, from fleeing to the US consulate (reports would bring the entire scandal to Western attention), his security detail reportedly found people connected to him. The document reportedly read:

At last seven of Wang’s associates, including his driver, were arrested by Bo, and at least two were tortured to death.

The idea of a popular modern Chinese politician torturing his enemies to death is shocking, though according to reports in The Epoch Times Bo and his mentor Zhou Yongkang came to power after a brutal crackdown on Falun Gong members. It seems this violent past is now being used (cynically) in a power struggle against the pair.

New details have emerged of Heywood’s sad death today too. The Times of London has a new report that suggests Heywood was suffering from monetary problems before his death, and left only a small amount to his family. He reportedly bought his daughter an Apple laptop before he left on his fatal trip to Chongqing in November 2011 — she bragged to friends she would “use it for 10 years”.

Grim details of Heywood’s demise have also come out, Leo Lewis reports:

The evidence is thought to be a quantity of poison that he spat across the room of the secluded hilltop villa to which he was lured by representatives of the Bo family. Unverifiable media reports suggested that when a first attempt to make him drink the poison failed, Mr Heywood was pinned down by two people and forced to swallow the lethal dose.

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