Free China Movie Screening at Italian Parliament


January 26, 2013

The award winning documentary Free China: The Courage to Believe was screened at the Italian Parliament on Wednesday.

The film tells the story of two Falun Gong practitioners and their experience in China’s labor camp system. Removing the organs of prisoners of conscience without their consent was one of the more horrific atrocities exposed.

[Ettore Mazzoni, Hepatology Director, Casilino Hospital ]:
“I’m a doctor, so the part I heard in the end regarding transplanted organs naturally got me involved. I think this is an important movie that adds some new stones in laying the foundation of the future of mankind. This struck me. I’m glad I saw this film, I got something from it.”

The film also deals with China’s controversial one child policy and the persecution of thousands of innocent Falun Gong practitioners.

After the screening the audience talked with one of the protagonists- Jennifer Zeng– and the executive producer Kean Wong. Both shared some personal experiences about working on the documentary.

Free China was directed by Michael Perlman, the director of Tibet Beyond Fear and co-produced by World2be and NTD TV.

Free China will be released to public this summer.

NTD News, Rome, Italy

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