Mainland Website Recommends Internet Censorship Circumvention Software UltraSurf and Freegate

by NTD


A mainland private labor website introduced circumvention software —- UltraSurf and Freegate. One of the website founders told our reporter that mainland people introduced the circumvention software to each other. The administrator recommended these two to facilitate users. The US Epoch Times said these two software were developed by overseas Falun Gong practitioners.

June 15, the Epoch Times reported that an article in the Labor Cooperation Website (LCW) recommended the circumvention software. April 19, the mainland LCW published an article entitled “Tsinghua University: Rural circumvention tutorial” to provide two circumvention software for downloading-: UltraSurf and Freegate in PC version and mobile versions. The article also showed how to use the software the icons and webpage screenshot in detail. Finally, it mentioned to synchronously update circumvention software for extra features.

As of June 15, it has been 55 days since the introduction of circumvention software on LCW.

The Epoch Times said Ultrasurf and Freegate were developed by Global Internet Freedom Alliance (GIFC). Members of GIFC are all overseas Falun Gong practitioners.

June 15, reporter cannot find the article on the LWC, but can still see the cache in Google search. The article also indicated that Ultrasurf can completely hide the real IP address.

The reporter called one founder of LCW, China Institute of Industrial Relations professor Wang Jiangsong. His column on the website has a lot of articles describing labor relations, the labor movement, labor conflicts, and the advocacy of labor Mutual Economic Assistance. Among them, Wang Jiangsong’s paper Trends in China Labor Relations and the Labor Movement was published in the Reform Reference in May. The Reform Reference is a magazine directed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and China Society of Economic Reform (CSER).

Wangjiang Song said the LCW was built by him and his friends in the labor sector just two or three months ago. He said the circumvention software was introduced by the webmasters to facilitate the people.

Professor Wang Jiangsong: “I heard that circumvention software is everywhere. People all shared it with each other to get over the wall. No need to know who is using it. It’s just a convenient software without any intention. We introduced it because it’s convenient. How could we know who developed it?”

Wang Jiangsong said the software introduction article has been deleted because a netizen sent them a screenshot for the Epoch Times report. The report said they are mysterious website and disclosed the software was developed by Falun Gong practitioners. They have concern over trouble from related departments so deleted it.

Wangjiang Song also said the LCW is not mysterious, but public. It’s just built by some netizens spontaneously without any organization behind it or any background.

The purpose of LCW is to explore the progress of China’s labor movement in theory and practice by analyzing and solving practical problems.

Wang Jiangsong said labor conflicts erupted in the last decade and describes Chinese labor relations and trends. It first came to notice in 2010 with the Foxconn suicides and Nanhai Honda strike. These were followed at the end of 2013 to the beginning of 2014 with symbolic conflicts including Dongguan Nokia, Shenzhen IBM, Changde Walmart as well as the ongoing well known Dongguan Yue Yuen shoe factory labor conflict. He suggested to the authorities to get a non-governmental organization (NGO) as a social organization involved to benefit both employers and employees. It’s very short-sighted and stupid for some local authorities to suppress NGOs as hostile forces.

Wang Jiangsong is China Institute of Industrial Relations professor, Associate Dean of Cultural Community School and the Director of Labor Philosophy and Labor Culture Institute. He wrote “Human Tragedy and the Tragedy of Life”, “The Birth of Tragedy Philosophy”, “Individual Freedom and Social Responsibility”, “Labor Philosophy”, “Intellectuals’ Self-Enlightenment ” et alia.

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