Xi Jinping’ Thunderous Response to Threats to Stop His “Big Tiger Crackdown”


After Beijing authorities threw out several “big tigers” such as Xu Caihou and Su rong, some in the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) upper rungs have demanded that CCP leader Xi Jinping stop the effort and threatened him to hold off on his “big tiger crackdown.” However, on June 26, Xi Jinping responded in a Politburo meeting, saying, “Who is afraid of whom!” He also said there is no quota on the anti-corruption crackdown, and they can arrest as many as possible. Observers say that there may soon be more tigers sacked.

2014-07-29 09:17 AM EST


Hong Kong-based Ming Pao cited Beijing news reports that on a June 26 Politburo meeting, Xi Jinping made points on three anti-corruption issues: First, someone inside the Party said that authorities arrested over 30 Vice Minister cadres after the 18th National Congress and that this should be good enough and the anti-corruption effort should stop. Xi Jinping replied saying this is a wrong understanding, and that there is no quota for the anti-corruption effort. Xi said they should arrest however many are corrupt.

Secondly, Xi responded to threats for him to hold off by saying, “I want to warn them, who should be afraid! Years ago, Zhu Rongji wanted to prepare 100 coffins, 99 for the corrupt, and the last one for himself… Today we also have the same courage.” Thirdly, Xi said the anti-corruption campaign treats every area equally, and cities where Party leaders worked before won’t get special treatment.

Ming Pao also reported that Xi Jinping’s speech has not only been passed on to the Central Discipline Inspection Commission, but specific meetings were held to also pass his speech to each central and local inspection team.

Xin Ziling, former Chinese Military Academy Press President, told NTD that “Xi Jinping’s July 26 speech is genuine.”

Xin Ziling: “He decided to completely break from the corrupt group of elite bigwigs and refuse to defend or represent them. Because his new deal can’t start without dealing with them. Otherwise this corrupt group will make trouble nonstop, leaving him powerless to do anything.”

U.S.-based Chinese language news site Secret China cited Beijing reports at the end of June, saying Zeng Qinghong, the top henchman and strategist of former CCP leader Jiang Zemin’s faction, has been put under house arrest for attempting to assassinate President Xi Jinping. Xin Ziling says, “It’s true that Zeng Qinghong is under house arrest, because we haven’t seen him recently.”

Jiang Zemin’s minions have been removed. Jiang himself is in bed because of serious illness. Xin Ziling says, “He’ll probably risk his head if he still doesn’t cooperate and keeps putting up a fight.”

Xin Ziling: “To be honest, nothing can be resolved without dealing with [Jiang Zemin]. Things like vindicating the June 4 massacre and Falun Gong, simply can’t be resolved with Jiang blocking. Xi Jinping’s attitude toward June 4th is very clear. On the eve of June 4 this year, reports show that he met and took pictures with Peking University professor Tang Yijie. Tang Yijie firmly supported the 1989 student movement. This is very clear.”

Xin Ziling says that he believes Xi Jinping doesn’t agree with Jiang Zemin’s persecution of Falun Gong.

Xin Ziling: “ Jiang Zemin doesn’t trust him because he wouldn’t inherit the persecution policy on Falun Gong. So Jiang wanted Bo Xilai in power. Of course, he can’t talk about it publicly because it’s not reasonable. Falun Gong is just a people’s health organization, and doesn’t have anything that brings harm to the country.”

Xin Ziling says, “Jiang will eventually die on the Falun Gong issue.”

On July 27, Beijing netizens posted on Sina Weibo, “The words ‘Jiang Zemin’ on the sign atop China’s top ranked hospital, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) General Hospital (the 301 Military Hospital) building were removed.” But this netizens post was quickly deleted.

Xin Ziling told NTD said he noticed that the sign with “PLA General Hospital” had lost the words “Jiang Zemin” when he passed hospital a few months ago.

Since the sacking of Jiang’s military henchman Xu Caihou, former Vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, the shock to CCP officialdom has continued to intensify. Recently, Guo Baixiong, another one of Jiang’s henchman in the army with the same rank as Xu, was also arrested. Officialdom in Jiang’s nest, Shanghai, are also being targeted.

Round two of the Central Commission Inspection Discipline’s inspection tour has recently been launched. Shanghai, one of the inspection targets, is full of tension from land to air. Shanghai’s discipline inspection system has faced a major reshuffle before the Central Discipline Inspection Commission team’s inspection.

Wang Qishan, head of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission, said before this round of inspections started, “stay on high alert,” and “inspect whoever has problems.”

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