Allegra Jostad Silberstein, “For the Falun Gong of China” – Honorable Mention, Adult

For the Falun Gong of China

by Allegra Jostad Silberstein


Falun Gong/ˈfɑːluːnˈɡʊŋ/ or Falun Dafa/ˈfɑːluːnˈdɑːfɑː/ is a Chinese spiritual practice
that combines meditation and qigong exercises with a moral philosophy
centered on the tenets of truthfulness, compassion and forbearance.


How many candles must the Falun Gong light
before they can live in this day
How many words must be put into print
to tell the truth of their way…

The answer my friends is resting with the world.

When will officials of the CCP
allow their tortures to cease
when will the power of the CCP listen
to the people teaching peace…

1000s of people practice this ancient art
in China’s large cities they gather in a park
and all around the world there’s a glowing spark
people of peace bringing light to the dark.

How many people must be put into prison
for simply a faith that is shown
How many organs must be stolen from prisoners
before the theft is made known

The answer my friends is resting with the world.

How many lies must be washed with truth
until they are seen in the rough
How many lives must be disappeared
until there has been enough

The answer my friends is resting with the world.
The answer is you and me.


                          * * *

Recognized as an Honorable Mention in the Adult Category in FoFG’s 2017 Poetry Contest

Allegra grew up on a farm in Wisconsin but has lived in California since 1963. Her love of poetry began as a child … her mother would recite poems as she worked. In addition to three chapbooks of poetry, she has been widely published in journals with a growing number online. Her first book of poems, “West of Angels” was published by Cold River Press in March of 2015. In March of 2010 she became the first Poet Laureate for the city of Davis, California serving for two years. She also dances with the Third Stage dance company.