A.R. Harmon, “Welcome Tree” – 5th Place Adult Award

Welcome Tree

by A.R. Harmon

In Spring the waving Welcome Tree
Would seldom see a soul pass by
For steps of snow all wide and deep
With pride did keep its mountainside
But when the frosts would melt away
To let the day shine on Huangshan
The Welcome Tree waved wild with glee
And smiled to see its friends again
All people now would scale the height
Some pale and white and others tanned
Some from the Yellow Mountains come
And thousands from far distant lands
But one the Welcome Tree has loved
Always above all other souls
For when the Tree stretched forth its hand
This mirthful man alone took hold
He knelt and sang a pretty prayer
And sitting there forgot his world
His only pleasure became the Tree
His way was free from China’s hold
Soon wintry winds fell snowing down
To slowly drown the mountain paths
The Welcome Tree upon its cliff
Alone would sit till Spring had passed
One night the Tree from slumber woke
As thunder broke with panicked prayers
Persecutions carried on
In varied forms to kill the year
Weary watched the Welcome Tree
In melted Spring to see its friend
But fruitless were the mountain paths
Until at last they closed again
In years to come the Welcome Tree
Could still be seen though sadly still
High on its Yellow Mountain home
Where countless know the blood-red will                         


                          * * *


Winner of the 5th Place Adult Award in FoFG’s 2017 Poetry Contest.

A.R. Harmon is a traveling writer who currently lives in New Orleans.