Nathan Evans, “Availing Hope” – 3rd Place Adult Award

Availing Hope

by Nathan Evans

Five golden stars on fallow bloody field;
Raise leaders lusting power, black-hearts stained.
The People’s trust, felled – fear the ruling wield;
Falun Gong’s faithful, tortured and profaned.

All sorrow sowed under guise of a lie:
Traitors stirring trouble, unworth lament.
Cruel conformity met with truthful sigh;
What peaceful movement wants first for dissent?

But reason is wasted, and scythe laid low,
Leaving widows of slain, harvested souls;
Orphans weep loud with no mother in tow,
While immoral oppressors reap their tolls.

Still, there is hope where compassion prevails;
Forbearance the heart in those who avail.

* * *


Winner of the 3rd Place Adult Award in FoFG’s 2018 Poetry Contest

Nathan Evans is a special education teacher living in Baltimore, Ohio.