Pax Chmara, “Forbearance and Truth” – 2nd Place Adult Award

Forbearance and Truth

by Pax Chmara

Horrors of the world come in waves tonight.
Can you hear the pain of silenced voices?
Non-violent and peaceful we must fight,
delivering compassionate choices.
Falun Gong practice forbearance and truth.
The Chinese government calls them a threat.
Illegal they say but where is the proof,
killing for control in this dance of death?
Crimes of genocide cannot be ignored,
harvested organs stolen for profit.
We are all culpable in the free world.
Isn’t there any way we can stop it?
We still have our hearts beating in our chests.
Use our freedom to fight for the oppressed

* * *


Winner of the 2nd Place Adult Award in FoFG’s 2018 Poetry Contest

Pax Chmara is a New York native currently living in Zagreb, Croatia.