Shep Lightvalley, ‘Persecuted by their Government’ – Honorable Mention

Persecuted by their Government

by Shep Lightvalley

Torture and practises extreme employed,
Abuse and violence ’gainst humanity,
It’s some form of wicked barbarity,
That wants th’faithful of Falun Gong destroyed.
Surely for basic human rights we fight,
And come to the aid of others in need,
Whatever their belief or upheld creed,
No matter how hard crimes to bring to light?
Crimes indeed, committed ’gainst Falun Gong,
Their organs taken from them ’gainst their will,
And, others, victims of a torturous kill,
For how long should we permit deeds so wrong?

* * *


Recognized as an Honorable Mention in FoFG’s 2021 Poetry Contest