Miss Canada’s Freedom Message for China and Falun Gong Spreads Across the Globe

With the Miss World 2016 contest finals coming to a close on December 18th, Anastasia Lin—Miss Canada—walked away not wearing a crown, but with her personal platform having reached people’s hearts the world over through major media outlets in the days preceding the Grand Final.

Miss World’s slogan is ‘Beauty with a Purpose,” and Anastasia Lin, since she first entered the contest in 2013 as Miss Canada, has steadfastly spread her message. She has continued to advocate for peace and justice to suffering Chinese citizens in her homeland suppressed under Chinese communist rule, particularly those who practice the spiritual discipline Falun Gong.

Her path was filled with roadblocks. In the 2015 round of competitions, she was one step away from joining the finals in Sanya, China, but was not sent an invitation. This year, the organizers of Miss World attempted to prevent her from speaking about human rights—even though this year, the contest took place in Washington, DC. This may be because, as The New York Times reported, the contest is largely sponsored by Chinese companies. Attempts to deny her free speech grew media attention.

In the end, Miss World yielded, allowing Miss Canada to speak freely about injustices in China, as well as those against herself.

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