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(Chisinau, 19 June 2012)– Amnesty International Moldova condemns the Chisinau Mayor’s decision to effectively ban public meetings of Falun Dafa activists in several places of the capital during the visit of a high-ranking Chinese official.

Members of Falun Dafa Association in Moldova meet each Tuesday in front of the Embassy of the Chinese Popular Republic in Moldova in order to protest against persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China. Today in the morning up to 10 protesters turned up at the Embassy, where they were met by circa 30 policemen who handed them the Chisinau Mayor’s order as of 18 June, requiring suspension of their long ago coordinated and authorized by the local authorities public actions, during the visit of a Chinese official. Participants were not allowed to install their placards in their usual place; thus, the protest has been virtually blocked.

The organization stresses that two fundamental rights have been flagrantly violated: that to freedom of expression and that to freedom of assemblies.

Cristina Pereteatcu, Executive Director Amnesty International Moldova: “Interestingly, when Falun Dafa members were being humiliated at the Mayor’s order, the latter was delivering his activity report. We are profoundly disappointed and shocked by the developments. We will do everything in our power to redress the rights of Falun Dafa members, and not let similar incidents take place again, as they are shameful for a state with European aspirations.”


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