China News Broadcast, November 16, 2012: Fresh Evidence Against Gu Kailai in Bodies Trade

Note from FOFG Editor: The NTD broadcast below is approximately 19 minutes, and the section the title refers to occurs at 5 minutes 10 seconds and runs until 8 minutes, 35 second.  We recommend the entire broadcast as a sample of NTD’s reporting.


In today’s NTD China News, why analysts say the Chinese regime’s new ruling circle will hold back change in the country.

China’s neighbors extended messages of congratulations to its new leader. Yet, behind the warm words, there is considerable anxiety over what the future holds for China’s role in East Asia.

A rights group says Gu Kailai sold bodies of persecuted Falun Gong practitioners to body plastination plants in Dalian, while her husband, disgraced official Bo Xilai was Mayor of the city, and then later the Governor Liaoning province.

A woman is appealing from the US for her sister back in China who was kidnapped ahead of the 18th Party Congress because she practices Falun Gong.

Is China linked to North Korea’s illegal arms trade with Syria? That’s the concern after Reuters reported this week that UN Security Coucnil Diplomats revealed that a Chinese ship was seized by South Korean authorities in May. It travelled from North Korea to Syria and carried missile-making parts.

25 people stand trial this week in Shenzhen, China for smuggling electronic products including Apple’s iPhones and iPads.

Hong Kong authorities make the second bust in a month of illegal ivories.

Hong Kong director Johnnie To is debuting his film, shot entirely in China, at the Rome Film Festival.

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