US Congressman Says Media “Afraid” To Report On China



January 17, 2013
(2011 Photo of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher)


US funded media like Radio Free Asia and Voice of America have been failing to report on major issues in China, according to US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

[Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, US Congressman, (R-CA)]:
“We also have China and the Chinese government exerting undue influence on our media because we have huge American corporations making quick and rapid profits from their association with this gangster regime in Beijing. And they’re afraid to make the communists in Beijing mad at them.”

And that’s has tremendous human rights implications. In an interview with NTD on Tuesday, Congressman Rohrabacher singled out China’s practice of forced organ harvesting from still living prisoners of conscience.

[Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, US Congressman, (R-CA)]:
“If they didn’t feel that they could get away with it, they wouldn’t be throwing religious believers in prison, they wouldn’t be harvesting organs, and they think they can get away with it and even the media in the United States won’t cover the issue. “

He believes there are two major reasons why media in the US and around the wrold are not reporting more about forced organ harvesting in China. Aside from the economic pressure, the other is the lucrativ organ tourism trade.

[Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, US Congressman, (R-CA)]:
“One of the reasons is there is profit making sale involved in this. There are a lot of westerners involved in this and getting organs from “Chinese donors”, who are really nothing more than political prisoners, and some of them are religious prisoners. And that, number one, makes our media ‘well we don’t want to cover that where Americans are involved in it.’”

Rohrabacher hosted a US congressional hearing last September on the issue of organ harvesting. He also signed a letter to the US State Department demanding the US release any information it may have on the issue. NTD has obtained information from the offices of several Congress members, stating that the US State Department has not responded.

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