Why Has Chen Guangbiao’s Focus Shifted From Buying The New York Times To Falun Gong?

The man who wants to purchase the New York Times is in Manhattan today for a peculiar press conference further perpetuating hate-crimes against Falun Gong.


January 7, 2014

NEW YORK—At 10 a.m. on Jan. 7 (Tuesday) at the JW Marriott Essex House in downtown Manhattan, the Associated Press will host Chinese recycling mogul and jokester Chen Guangbiao, the man who emphatically claims he wants to purchase the New York Times, for a bizarre press conference involving a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) anti-Falun Gong propaganda event that took place 13 years ago.

Chen has brought actors Chen Guo and Hao Huijun all the way from China to discuss his donations to cover surgeries for this mother-daughter duo who participated in the biggest government hoax of all time, the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident.

On Jan. 23, 2001, Chen and Hao, along with three others, were involved in a Chinese government plot to defame Falun Gong, a popular meditation practice whose practitioners are heavily persecuted in China. The five claimed to be Falun Gong practitioners and set themselves on fire. Later, in a very public fashion, Chen and Hao showered Communist government with praise for “saving their lives,” but apparently they sustained severe burns.

Experts who closely analyzed the footage provided by state-run media CCTV that day proved the incident was a set-up, which dealt a huge blow to the credibility of the Chinese Communist Party. In the NTD film “False Fire,” 54 facts reveal how the “self immolation” on Tiananmen Square was staged for propaganda purposes. [The video is posted below.]

CNN’s journalists were on scene that day in 2001, but they were detained and their equipment confiscated. Washington Post published an article entitled, “Reporter Finds Holes in China’s Tiananmen Immolation Story” in which reporter Philip Pan dug deeper into the stories of those involved in the hoax and found gaping holes.

Apparently, no one was taking Chen seriously regarding his desire to purchase the New York Times, so in a Global Times op-ed on Jan. 5, he made it very clear that his aim in purchasing the media outlet is to push positive China stories, because, “if we could purchase it, it’s tone might turn around.” But in an Aug. 2013 statement, the publisher of the Times, Aurther Solzberger Jr., stated, “Will our family seek to sell The Times? The answer to that is no.”

After hearing this, Chen Guangbiao insisted in the Global Times op-ed two days ago that “there is nothing that cannot be bought.” He then swiftly traveled to New York. But why has he shifted focus from the New York Times to Falun Gong? An Epoch Times article entitled, “‘Buying New York Times’ a Perfect Ruse to Get Media Attention” suggests it’s likely, “at the behest of someone in the Chinese Communist Party.”

A Jan. 5 NTD news report entitled, “CCP Strengthens United Front And Internet Censorship” predicted that due to the CCP’s extremely fragile state, it would likely shift its stability maintenance overseas.

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