Epoch Times Wins 16 Awards at Annual Newspaper Conference


Epoch Times Creative Director Seth Holehouse and Associate Creative Director Robert Counts hold awards for overall excellence in photography, design, and advertising at the New York Press Association's annual conference in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Saturday. (Epoch Times)
Epoch Times Creative Director Seth Holehouse and Associate Creative Director Robert Counts hold awards for overall excellence in photography, design, and advertising at the New York Press Association’s annual conference in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Saturday. (Epoch Times)


[Friends of Falun Gong congratulates the Epoch Times for the well-deserved awards they have received.  The Epoch Times is one of FoFG’s important sources of information.]


By Ivan Pentchoukov, Epoch Times | April 7, 2014

NEW YORK—Epoch Times staff reporters, photographers, and designers won 16 awards at the annual New York Press Association Conference held on April 4 and 5.

Six of the awards were for the first place, including top honors for overall excellence in photography, design, and advertising.

Epoch Times reporters Joshua Philipp and Zachary Stieber won second-place awards for best feature series and in-depth reporting respectively.

Philipp followed the trial and conviction of former city comptroller John Liu’s aides and Liu’s connection to the Chinese Communist Party. Stieber examined New York City’s subway system and compared it to those in major cities around the world.

“The awards are, of course, great as recognition from our peers in the industry, and as encouragement for everyone at Epoch Times. I would just point out that the awards are a natural outgrowth of a lot of sustained hard work during the past year,” said John Nania, Epoch Times editor-in-chief.

Nania continued: “We aren’t focused on winning awards per se, but we are focused on bringing a better and better product to our readers, and there is no thought of anyone resting on their laurels now. We will continue to push to bring our readers something better with every article, every photo, and every piece of design, every day.”

The New York Press Association represents more than 900 newspapers across the state.

The full list of awards, including links to winning entries:


Past Presidents’ Award for General Excellence

Third Place


Overall Design Excellence (Richard L. Stein Award)

First Place

Judges said: “Stands out above the rest in design, printing, use of photography, creative typography, and overall design.”


Advertising Excellence (John J. Evans Award)

First Place (Tie)

Judges said: “We’ve never had a tie before—but we’re thrilled! The more winners, the better.”

“We’re very excited for our first-timer, The Epoch Times, and we’re very happy for our perennial winner, The Record-Review, which has won this award seven times—tying the record set by its sister paper, The Scarsdale Inquirer.”

Best Ad Campaign: First Place

Jens Almroth — Sushi Zen campaign:

Our Delight; Seasonal Feast; Harmony

Judges said: “Beautiful unique pictures. Great use of white space.”

Best Color Ad: First Place

Rob Counts — Hello Fresh: Experience the Quintessential Kitchen Convenience 

Judges said: “Comprehensive feature—clean layout, great pastels, use of panels to separate messaging, simple yet representative icons, easy to read font selection, beautiful!”

Best House Ad: First Place

Make Your Restaurant More Popular Than a Cronut Bakery

Judges said: “Love it!”

Best House Ad: Second Place

Be Seen; Our arts coverage is coveted by serious and sophisticated art lovers

Judges said: “Clean, eye-catching!”

Best Small Ad: Second Place

Rob Counts — Dr. Roland

Judges said: “Very creative ad! Fantastic use of art and white space, and gets the message across instantly.”

Graphic Illustration: Honorable Mention

Seth Holehouse — Health Care Fumble

Judges said: “Some of the best visual elements are the simple ones. There are few major bells or whistles with this page-shaping image, but it ties together very well the concept of Obama’s health care planning and how the ‘play’ fell apart somewhere along the way.”

Best Special Section Cover: Honorable Mention

Asia Week

Judges said: “Very strong and classic special sections cover complimenting antique sibjet matter. Good color, excellent typography and striking layout.”


Overall Photographic Excellence: First Place

Judges said: “These issues represent first-rate design and graphics combined with photos that complement the effort. The Epoch Times sets a high standard for clean and informative presentation at a glance.

Special Sections / Niche Publications: Third Place

Sandy, One Year Later

Judges said: “Extraordinary photography and design carries this complete, complex look at a year like no other.”

Spot News Photo: Honorable Mention

Samira Bouaou — Photo of Jenny Hou & lawyer, John Liu’s campaign treasurer

Judges said: “Good general news image witnessed by the photographer as the subjects are fully engaged in an environment that blends well with the right moment. Presentation on the pages is beautifully done as well.”


Best News or Feature Series: Second Place

Joshua Philipp — John Liu’s relationship to Chinese regime

Judges said: “The staff not only looks into the allegations surrounding comptroller John Liu, bit it also exposes his links within Queens to nonprofits and those connections to Beijing. Exceptional reporting.”

In-Depth Reporting: Second Place

Zachary Stieber — Fare Game

Judges said: “Well written and well presented. The series raises important questions about a service that affects millions of people. Who else would help the reader with such knowledge? Nice job.”

Editorial Coverage of Election / Politics: Third Place

Kristen Meriwether — City Hall coverage

Judges said: “Great depth of coverage and great use of pulling reader into the newspaper.”

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