Persecution Victim In Critical Condition


June 28, 2014

Pang Guangwen was the general manager of a Shanghai shipping and logistics company. Shanghai police arrested him for his belief in Falun Gong. He was sentenced to five years imprisonment. Pang Guangwen’s mother calls on the community to help to rescue her son. He is in critical condition due to prison mistreatment.

On Feb. 4, Pang Guangwen’s wife posted details of the persecution her family went through online.

She wrote that on the evening of April 27, 2012, Pang Guangwen and Zhao Bin were abducted by people who broke into their company without showing any identification. Later, they were confirmed to be state security and local police under the jurisdiction of the local Changning District 610 Office.

Pang Guangwen was sentenced to five years in prison, and Zhao Bin to four years by Changning District Court. The heavy sentences were due to Zhao’s college classmate reporting Zhao for hiding a Shen Yun Performing Arts DVD in a fruit basket he gifted his classmate with.

The 58-year-old Zhao Bin died within 46 days of being jailed. He was beaten to death by inmates assigned to ‘watch’ him. Pang Guangwen is now in critical condition, suffering from constant vomiting. He weighs less than 120 lbs after losing more than 33 lbs. He was transferred to Nanhui Prison in Shanghai earlier this year.

Four guards were present during the family visitation. The families were prevented from learning the details of treatment Pang Guangwen has gone through. Family members indicate constant vomiting has been a symptom of other Falun Gong victims who were persecuted in Shanghai prison for the same reason. Both Ma Xinxing and Zhang Zhiyun passed away and were found to have had their meals poisoned. 

Families requested medical parole, but the prison denied the request claiming the victims were unqualified.

NTD reporters called Nanhui Prison. 

Nanhui Prison: “The captain is not in. I do not know the details. Contact the relevant department.” 

The reporter also called the Prison Service Department of Nanhui Prison.

Prison Service Department: “We do not accept telephone inquiries.” 

Pang Guangwen’s mother explained to NTD that Pang suffered from eye and urinary tract problems in his senior year of high school. Medical treatment did not help. At college, Pang Guangwen continued to be medicated for a full year, with no improvement. After practice of Falun Gong, Pang Guangwen regained his health.

Pang Guangwen’s mother: “His classmate recommended Falun Gong and the Falun Gong teachings to him. In the summer of sophomore year, I asked him about his health. He said, ‘I am fine now.’”

During his junior year in 1999, a professor came to visit Pang at home and told him to quit practicing Falun Gong since the Communist regime banned it. Pang Guangwen went to Beijing with his fellow practitioners to petition to the government, but was arrested by the police. He was sent to the brainwashing center, but escaped the next day.

When Pang Guangwen was preparing to marry, he could not register his marriage because the University withheld his ID. 

Pang Guangwen’s mother: “Both parents went to the University to explain that the kids are ready to get married. But the person in charge of the local 610 Office told him to withdraw from school. My son was not happy about it. He complained, ‘I have studied for so many years. This is the answer?’ 

That person answered, ‘There is not other way, and that is your only way out.’”

Pang Guangwen’s father died in three days of the court’s decision to uphold the original sentencing in the second trial. The family has kept the news a secret from Pang.

Pang Guangwen’s mother: “I have kept this from my son, fearing any more pressure on him could hurt him more, with his current health condition. He has been asking about his father. We can only try not to tell him anything. I feel he seems to have some idea of it. As a mother, I am really sad. What can I do? I am really worried that he could die.”

Since Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, the Communist regime continuously manufactures incidents such as the Tiananmen self-immolation, the 1,400 so-called death cases due to practicing Falun Gong, and more. For 14 years, Falun Gong practitioners continue to be injured, killed, and have even had organs forcibly harvested. Pang Guangwen’s wife stated on Weibo, “In this so-called civilized modern metropolis of Shanghai, severe judicial farce is displayed. Is this not the shame of the regime?”

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