Alexandra Neal, ‘Turning a Blind Eye: A Prejudice Crisis’ – Honorable Mention, High School

Turning a Blind Eye: A Prejudice Crisis

by Alexandra Neal

In what world shall we satisfy our peace,
And exercise our untamed opinion,
When some are brutalized for their beliefs?
In what world shall we savor religion,
By overtly preaching our almighty,
When some live in a governmental scheme?
With such thirst to meditate politely,
The men in China continue to dream
Of a world with the absence of neglect—
Yet their organs are seized from their pure chests,
Their pride wanes as they’re handled like objects.
Still, they beam their light in Beijing protests,
Seeking for arrant change in the systems—
But till then, friends, they’ll remain our victims.

* * *


Recognized as an Honorable Mention in the high school category of FoFG’s 2020 Poetry Contest