Dusty Thorne, “The Cost of Our Silence” – 4th Place, Adult

The Cost of Our Silence

by Dusty Thorne

Under blood red flags, silence breeds disease.
Falun Gong was meant to offer relief
Yet followers are beaten over their knees
By ruling bodies taking the role of a thief.

Meanwhile, human pieces are sold like meat
For the crime of seeking enlightenment
They are being arrested on the street
Books in their homes acting as indictment.

The greatest threat to abuse of power
Is a movement towards the pursuit of peace.
If we don’t speak out as lives are soured
We share the blame for why it will not cease.

I beg of you, please do not choose silence,
When human lives are suffering violence.

* * *


Recognized as 4th Place in the adult category of FoFG’s 2019 Poetry Contest