Fiza Hasan, “The Abuse We Suffer” – Honorable Mention, High School

The Abuse We Suffer

by Fiza Hasan

Our bones break, but their hatred does not ease.
They torture us in the hopes that they will beat out the faith in us, which they call a disease.
We believe in peace, and equal rights.
But, all they know is how to bite.
Violence and injustice is all we receive.
However, it is our belief in Falun Gong that does not let us grieve.
We wait and wait, thinking that someone will care.
They beat us in to submission, how is this any fair?
Pain, suffering, is all we can feel,
But, belief is what helps us heal.
Humanity no longer exists in them.
Everywhere they go, they seem to cause mayhem.
They are no saints,
Yet, we express no complaints.
Our minds are difficult to sustain,
But, it is the teaching of Falun Gong that keeps us sane.
It improves our health, and promotes compassion, and serenity,
However, the monsters among us want to remove it from our identity.
They rip us of our clothing, torture us till our bodies wear out.
Wounds inflicted upon our bodies leave no chance to spout.
We wait for help.
But, all that comes is skelps after skelps.
What have we done wrong? For what do we suffer from such torture?
In respond they say, “We are simply following an order.”
We are robbed of our lives,
Pulled into a world of misery, where we are heartlessly stabbed with knives.
Life will never be the same again,
Our shouts and pleads are vain.
Our hearts clench with agony,
At the thought that this is now our only reality.
We cry out feeling as if we have lost the fight.
But, among that darkness that swallows us up, lays a glimpse of light.
Our fate is in your hands,
So, tell us now, will you sit back and watch or take a stand?

* * *

Recognized as an Honorable Mention in the High School Category of FoFG’s 2017 Poetry Contest