Christina Knight, “The Story of Gao Rongrong” – Honorable Mention, High School

The Story of Gao Rongrong

by Christina Knight

It had been Hours for Gao Rongrong
She had gone from harmless to helpless
From a practitioner of peace to a victim of circumstance
In this new age of China.
It had been hours for Gao Rongrong
Hours of pain in order to recant
She had inherited the sins of their fathers.
Did she look into the faces of those men
As they struck her with flaming batons
And think of how Falun Gong would change them
Open their minds in ways they did not fully understand yet?
No, she may have regretted her practice
Regretted being so open with it
It is now that she thinks back to the stories she has heard
Stories of other countries where people can be what they wish
They were fairytales that rang with silver bells
She wished them to be true
If she could be anything, do you think she would wish
To not be a member of Falun Gong?
She would never change a thing about who she was
Or where it has taken her.
Being on the side of peace is not always peaceful
And Gao knew this
She knew this as she ran to the window
She knew this as she stood on the ledge.
Do you think when she looked down
She saw the world she wanted
Where she could be anything.
Do anything.
Do you think when she jumped
It was not because death was better
Or because Escape was?
She is one of many, and we know this
But we will ignore her death and all the rest
Because this new China

Is built on the bodies of the Falun Gong.


                          * * *

Recognized as an Honorable Mention in the High School Category in FoFG’s 2017 Poetry Contest