Lisha Nasipak, “Protest” – Honorable Mention, Adult


by Lisha Nasipak

Forced to make up lies about
what is deep within their heart.
The worst kind of betrayal,
they want them to impart.

For Falun Gong is of peace
and centered on forgiveness
Yet you face them with your hatred,
and distorted heart of sickness.

For what better inner purpose,
can man have for his own life,
than to spread his love and joy
and free others of their strife?

Why suppress what is built
from love, peace and honesty?
Why hurt those who are willing
To share their heart with modesty?

To what purpose could you have?
What on earth could you gain,
by torturing the innocent,
and inflicting so much pain?

Why would the Chinese
turn against their own kind
for being conscientious
and enlightening their own minds?

I cannot make sense of it.
It makes me want to cry
It breaks my heart repeatedly
And I keep asking myself why.

Deep inside we are all the same,
and deserve to have the best
of life, love and peace of mind.
I wholeheartedly protest.

* * *


Recognized as an Honorable Mention in the adult category of FoFG’s 2019 Poetry Contest