Mahnoor Atta, “The Echo of Hope” – 2nd Place High School Award

The Echo of Hope

by Mahnoor Atta

A scream heard from far beyond
But one to which no one dares to respond

Blood flowing through rivers far and wide
A country where beliefs collide

Zhēn, Shàn, Rěn, was what they sought
In a world where such pursuits amounted to naught

Organs sold, anatomy distorted
While the rest of the world remained undaunted

Bodies were made for money it seemed
And Falun Gong destined to suffer from their schemes

They became soulless shells, vacant as voids
Filled with nothing but the memory of lives destroyed

I can block out the muffled screams of my neighbors till they fade away
But I still can’t ignore the message they convey

Try as they may to douse the fire that burns within
We will no longer let their voices be restrained

So join your hands in mine and help them see
What it means to truly be free

* * *


Winner of the 2nd Place High School Award in FoFG’s 2018 Poetry Contest

Manhoor Atta is a high school student living in Lahore Pakistan.