Piper Haitsuka, “Falun Gong’s Ability” – Honorable Mention, High School

Falun Gong’s Ability

by Piper Haitsuka

Exercise sets which bring peace
Have transformations reaching new heights
Crimes against them must cease
No one should take away their human rights

Those inner selves will restore
And restless souls made steady
Perfect minds saved from impure
Unleashes wisdom if you’re ready

The valued free society at its core
Has its time to brightly shine
Prosperity will make the nation soar
It is the universe’s profound sign

Support these individuals with their spirituality
And anyone can surely see
That when given the right mentality
Mind and body are set free

* * *


Recognized as an Honorable Mention in the High School Category of FoFG’s 2018 Poetry Contest

Piper lives in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and is in 11th grade at Makua Lani Christian Academy.