Roy E. Peterson, ‘I Must Condemn the CCP!’ – Honorable Mention

I Must Condemn the CCP!

by Roy E. Peterson

Oh, mercy, mercy me.
I must condemn the CCP!
They have a flood of Chinese blood
Cascading mortally.

With bald brutality
They cannot let the peaceful be.
The Falun Gong knows right from wrong
And suffers silently.

The motto “do no wrong,”
Is the belief of Falun Gong.
Don’t agitate, but meditate
Is that which makes them strong.

While the world wails,
They drive bamboo beneath their nails.
The CCP with crudity
Cuts organs for their pails.

How long must this go on
This being ruled like Kublai Khan?
Be not meek for we must speak.
The CCP does wrong!

* * *


Recognized as an Honorable Mention in FoFG’s 2023 Poetry Contest