Ofilwe Maloiso, ‘Falun Gong’s Plight’ – Honorable Mention

Falun Gong’s Plight

by Ofilwe Maloiso

Beneath the red flag’s brutal reign
Lies a people’s anguish and pain
Falun Gong, with peaceful grace
Strives to keep its ancient pace

But like a bird in a gilded cage
Its freedom lost, its spirit rage
The Communist rule seeks to break
Their human rights it seeks to forsake

They’re torn apart, their lives unmade
Their minds and bodies slowly fade
Their families shattered, dreams undone
Their future bleak, their hope forlorn

Their cries for justice go unheard
As lies and propaganda are conferred
The truth obscured, the light repressed
Their story silenced, their voices oppressed

Yet like a flower in winter’s snow
Their resilience continues to glow
Their beliefs, like roots, keep them strong
Their spirit soars, like a bird’s song

And so we stand with Falun Gong
To right the wrongs and to prolong
Their fight for freedom, justice, and peace
To make the darkness and pain finally cease

For the struggle for human rights
Is like a bird’s unyielding flight
It soars above the tumult and strife
Forever free, and shining with life.

* * *


Recognized as an Honorable Mention in FoFG’s 2023 Poetry Contest