Theresa Rodriguez, ‘The Will of Falun Gong’ – Honorable Mention, Adult

The Will of Falun Gong

by Theresa Rodriguez

You wish to take away my very life,
All that I am, all I can ever be;
A strike, a wounding, endless pain and strife:
You wish to take identity from me.

And you will use the powers you acquire
With might upon my righteousness within;
Against a greater good your works aspire
To overcome my soul, with greater sin.

But I have something you can never take,
This something that you seek out to destroy,
And that is human will; my might shall make
Me have a strength you never can employ!

For freedom’s never free: what is the price
Of unseen force in offered sacrifice?

* * *


Recognized as an Honorable Mention in the adult category of FoFG’s 2020 Poetry Contest