Senate Resolution Calls for Investigation on China’s Organ Harvesting

Following the passing of 2016’s House Resolution 343, Senator Robert Melendez of New Jersey has introduced Senate Resolution 220.

The new resolution, like HR343, condemns the Chinese Communist Party’s continuing persecution of Falun Gong and calls for open investigations into allegations of forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience.

“The Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Communist Party of China continue to deny reports that many organs are taken without the consent of prisoners, yet at the same time prevent independent verification of its transplant system,” the text reads.

The resolution was introduced on July 13, 2017 by Senators Moran (R-Kansas), Cassidy (R-Louisiana), Boozman (R-Arkansas), Markey (D-Massachusetts), Brown (D-Ohio), Leahy (D-Vermont), Rubio (R-Florida), Tillis (R-North Carolina), and Coons (D-Delaware). As of August 21, the resolution was referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. 

See the full text of the resolution on the Congress website. Ask your senator to support this resolution by writing them through Stop Organ Harvesting’s website.