16 Quotes Spoken From the Hearts of Prominent Organ Harvesting Opponents

It’s a new form of evil on this planet.

— David Matas, Esq., renowned Canadian human rights attorney

To rip open the body of someone who is simply involved in a religious or personal or political idea that is a contrary to the wishes of the ruling elite, and not a physical threat to the regime, this is about the most monstrous crime that I can conceive of.

— Dana Rohrbacher, U.S. Congressman (R-CA)

Overseas and domestic media and advocacy groups continued to report instances of organ harvesting, particularly from Falun Gong practitioners and Uighurs.

— U.S. State Department 2011 Human Rights Report

The military is making money off of it. The hospitals are making money off of it. The middle men are making money off of it.

— Dr. Damon Noto, Spokesperson for Doctors against Forced Organ Harvesting

A respected Taiwanese surgeon confessed to me, with no small measure of shame and embarrassment, that his patients were regular recipients of Falun Gong organs on the mainland.

— Ethan Gutmann, freelance investigative journalist

Many such patients [foreigners seeking organ transplants in China] probably hope they are getting an organ from a convicted murderer or rapist…but they should know that China has 68 offences for which one can be executed, including tax fraud. In reality, it is probable that the organ is coming from a young Falun Gong prisoner, whose crime was to believe in ‘truth, compassion and forbearance’.

— Hon. David Kilgour, JD, Former Canadian Secretary of State, Asia-Pacific

The explanation that most of these organs come from death row inmates is inconclusive…It remains to be seen how it could be possible that organ transplant surgeries in Chinese hospitals have risen massively since 1999, while there are never that many voluntary donors available.

— Dr. Manfred Nowak, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture

Family donors or nonfamily brain-dead donors account for less than 1% of donation in China. A national voluntary donor program is undeveloped. Kidney transplants nearly tripled in the same period. Liver transplants increased nationwide from about 135 in 1998 to over 4000 in 2005. Various advertised ranged widely from about $24,000 (200,000 yuan) for Chinese to $98,000 or more U.S. dollars for foreigners.

— Dr. Kirk Allison, Director, Program of Human Rights and Health at the School of Public Health, Medical School, University of Minnesota

One day, all the people involved in organ harvesting in Communist China will be held responsible for this crime.

— Edward McMillan-Scott, European Parliament Vice-President for Human Rights and Democracy

If you’re going to go to China and you’re going to get a liver transplant, during the three weeks you are there, then that means someone is going to go schedule an execution.

— Arthur L. Caplan, Ph.D, Director of Medical Ethics, NYU Langone Medical Center

This was a middle-aged woman, a Chinese aunty, who had been given a highly specialized physical examination in the labor camp. The only possible medical rationale was to assess whether she could be exploited for her kidneys, her liver, her corneas, and perhaps her heart—the retail organs. What made her testimony so credible was that I wasn’t looking for evidence of organ harvesting and she did not recognize the examination as having any importance whatsoever. Actually, if I hadn’t interviewed her for hours she wouldn’t even have mentioned it. That sort of unscripted slip is investigative gold to someone like me, particularly as I went into the organ harvesting story suspecting that it might all be an urban legend.

— Ethan Gutmann, freelance investigative journalist

It’s a crime against humanity.

— Dr. Gabriel Danovitch, Prof. of Medicine, UCLA Medical School

Despite all their resources and inside knowledge, they [the CCP] have not provided any information to counter the report. Instead, they have attacked us personally, and, more worrisome, attacked the Falun Gong with the very sort of verbal abuse which we have identified as one of the reasons we believe these atrocities are occurring.

— David Matas, Esq., renowned Canadian human rights attorney

The Chinese regime’s gruesome practice of organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners and other prisoners of conscience is a barbarous violation of human rights and must be stopped.

— Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, U.S. Congresswoman (R-FL)

After months of investigation, including undercover interviews with doctors throughout 12 provinces in China, we come to the regrettable conclusion that these allegations are true.

— Hon. David Kilgour, JD, Former Canadian Secretary of State, Asia-Pacific

I recognized a long time ago that I was writing a book not because I could save anyone in China, but merely to give something to the survivors. As I mentioned earlier, my book does not end in resolution but in terrible continuity. It’s up to you to write the end.

— Ethan Gutmann, freelance investigative journalist