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Friends of Falun Gong

Friends of Falun Gong is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization founded in the year 2000 by concerned Americans. Our mission is to support the freedom of belief of persons who practice Falun Gong.

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Freedom House Special on Religious Persecution in China: A Must-Read

It is an important text for anyone interested in the human rights situation in China and what... Read Full Story

Why Organ Harvesting in China is the New Holocaust

In China, it is the government itself perpetrating these crimes, rather than private groups or individuals. Read Full Story

USCIRF China Chapter – 2016 Annual Report

Key Findings China’s severe religious freedom violations continued in 2015. While the Chinese government sought to further... Read Full Story

Personal Stories

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Winston’s Story: Our Newlywed Life Ended When we Became Targets of Genocide

On new year’s day, 2001, policemen broke into my house in the early morning, arrested my wife... Read Full Story

Life After Torture

A family seeks normalcy after enduring a decade of extraordinary persecution in China. Read Full Story

Roy’s Story: Forced Out of My Teaching Job and Into Labor Camp

During the one and a half years of imprisonment, I was forced to keep seated on a... Read Full Story

Voices of Support

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Doctors Announce First ‘International Day Against Forced Organ Harvesting’

This year is the inaugural occasion, and to mark it the group has called on the U.N.... Read Full Story

Speaking Out for Freedom in China

Faith J. H. McDonnell of the The Institute on Religion & Democracy spoke in Washington D.C.... Read Full Story

Minnesota State Senators Condemn Forced Organ Harvesting

The Minnesota State Senate voted on a number of issues as their most recent session came to... Read Full Story


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Organ Harvesting Documentary ‘Hard to Believe’ Now Available on Demand

"Hard to Believe" is now available digitally on demand in North America. Read Full Story